Pure Indie Soul

Ann Vriend’s new album For The People In The Mean Time tells tough tales of the struggle of inner city life against the backdrop of explosive indie soul beats and harmonies. Despite the subject matter “backed with heavy grooves For The People In The Mean Time is upbeat without forcing needless optimism” writes the Calgary Sun, adding “Vriend’s voice is unmistakable, catching and powerful.” Production-wise, “with all its dubs, loops, samples, creaks, quirks and squeaks [For The People In the Mean Time] creates a Bohemian approximation of a Motown record that would do Berry Gordy Jr. proud…. Overall, ‘For the People in the Mean Time’ is a stunning and (despite all the comparisons) original achievement” writes City Gigs, Edmonton.

The song “A Need So Wide” from this album will appear in an upcoming Russian film “Kitchen in Paris,” as well as a short called “Toon Life Dating,” which will be broadcast on Bravo in upcoming months. The album has garnered 4/5 stars in the Star Phoenix (Saskatoon), while Vriend’s guest appearance on CBC’s “Vinyl Cafe” with Stuart McLean aired 3 times in 2014 across Canada and the USA.

In addition to this strong album Vriend is also a powerful live performer: Vriend won the Canadian nation-wide “She’s the One” contest at the Ottawa Bluesfest in the solo category, and her live show with her band garnered 4/4 stars in Die Rheinpfalz, Germany this April, as well as many other rave reviews in the Netherlands, Canada, Australia, and Germany. To quote Obscure Magazine: “With her soaring vocals, impressive songwriting ability, and instrumental prowess, Vriend is truly an all-in-one package.”



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