Ancient origin meets modern days, arché meets orchestra. The result is the Arkestra, and it’s precisely this contrast that makes Frank Wuppinger and his Arkestra’s music so intriguing.



Listening to the group’s sound that can be categorized somewhere in the field of Balkan, jazz and European folklore, it is easy to see why this unusual ensemble has been a fixture on national and international stages for more than 12 years. Inspired by many voyages, Frank Wuppinger combines the musical styles in European countries, giving rise to a sound that dissolves boundaries and, while being an amalgamation of many different flavors, maintains its uncompromising individuality. Folklore, jazz, flamenco, classical elements and a whole lot of improvisation – all this can be found in the band’s europhlie sound. The ballads warm your heart, while the extraordinary lightness of the dances will enthrall you.

In 2007 the group was awarded the cultural fellowship of the city of Nuremberg, and in 2011/12 the cultural Secretariat of NRW endorsed them with their funding program Klangwelten.

“World music without limits and barriers, but an abundance of passion, joy and musical excellence.”  Süddeutsche Zeitung

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