On her new album A Kit For Mending Thoughts, Efrat Alony once again enters exciting new territories and effectively reinvents the wheel when it comes to interpreting well-known songs, while presenting her own attention-demanding music. Speaking of attention-demanding: Efrat Alony doesn’t lull the listener into a sense of comfort, but challenges the listener to follow her along the meandering paths of her intriguing musical maze.


„Efrat Alony loves the freedom of Jazz that allows her to take inspiration from different sources…“
Johannes Kaiser, Norddeutscher Rundfunk- NDR-Kultur 2009


The musical trinity of voice, clarinet and guitar makes up the essence of the sound, supplemented by Alony’s sparse keyboard accompaniment. Electronic effects and distortions expand Alony, Leicht and Wingold’s sonic range. In this context, Alony’s voice fulfills the role of an instrument, even though she puts great emphasis on the words she sings. It is an instrument that Efrat Alony uses with astounding versatility and control. She is not the rock-solid counter-element to the guitar or clarinet’s tempestuous outbursts – she is the storm itself. Doug Ramsey (Artsjournal) has put it beautifully and adequately when he said, “I’m not sure that there is a category for what Alony does. I’m not sure that there should be. Call it music.”




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