EFRAT ALONY – Handel fast forward



Award-winning singer, composer, arranger and one of Germany’s most acclaimed voices in jazz Efrat Alony is now embarking on a musical adventure through Handel’s opulent sonic universe. While playfully switching between daredevil reharmonisation, free improvisation and lyrical elements, she maintains absolute musical brilliance.



“Handel’s melodies are pure, full of emotion and without any pretense. Their clarityinescapably leads to the truth,” remarks Alony. “This search for the integrity has been motivating me my whole life – the gradual unveiling of a deeper truth in order to make the real essence tangible.” Joined by pianist Achim Kaufmann, Henning Sievert on upright bass and drummer Heinrich Köbberling, the Israel-born, Berlin-based artist immerses herself in Handel’s musical spheres, respectfully, yet true to the spirit of jazz with an innovative, individual and self-assured stance. As modern storytellers with an unstoppably lively attitude, the trio lends a new strength as well as fragility to the melodies – a masterful game of contrast and depth, and the overwhelmingly successful musical experiment of a world-class vocal artist.


“Mysterious shades, detailed contrasts and dreamy, intense moods…” – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

“Her music is just as quick and multi-faceted as the artist’s personality.” – Carsten Beyer / Deutschlandradio


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