Freedoms Trio 2018 small

Steinar Aadnekvamacoustic guitar

Rubem Farias bass, voice

Deodato Siquirdrums, voice


A world-class ensemble that lives up to its name: three musicians from three continents whose explosive playfulness, congenial sincerity and fiery rhythms overcome all real and imaginary boundaries.

Following their widely acclaimed debut in 2016, the band will release an even stronger album with their highly anticipated sophomore effort FREEDOMS TRIO II (out April 20, 2018 on Losen Records). Despite their lengthy excursions into the vast afro jazz rock universe, the band remains firmly rooted in the sounds of today.



Acoustic guitarist Steinar Aadnekvam – originally from Bergen, Norway – has been establishing himself as one of the great Scandinavian jazz guitarists of the new generation. For over a decade he has engaged in widespread international tours and collaborations living and working between Stockholm/ Sweden and Recife/  Brasil. In 2016 he presents his fifth studio album and touring band featuring top musicians bassist/vocalist Rubem Farias from Brasil and drummer/singer Deodato Siquir from Mozambique. Each musician is brilliant by himself, but together they create a sonic universe of intricate, intense beauty that is very hard to resist (not that we wanted to).


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