Joslyn & TSC 4 - Dwayne Llloyd

Joslyn Hampton – vocals
Steve Holloman – keyboards
Joe Carucci – saxophone
Kyle Fox – trumpet
Smith Donaldson – bass
Rashawn Fleming – drums


Joslyn & the Sweet Compression combine to deliver a hook-filled mix of funk and soul in a series of single releases, followed by their debut album in May, 2019. The powerhouse vocalist, along with her ace band will be supporting the releases with club dates and festival appearances throughout the year.



You can only displace matters of the heart for so long. Sooner or later, every tattered emotion comes bursting out ferocious stripes. Soul band Joslyn & The Sweet Compression let all their pain, love, and loss flutter to the beat of slow-burning guitar grooves and funkadelic, old-school melodies on their upcoming self-titled record. Even when left to her own devices for a cover tune, front-woman Joslyn Hampton bends the lyrics to her every whim, into a torrential vocal tornado.


Alongside a stellar band of musicians, including step-father and accomplished player Marty Charters, whose resume includes work with H-Bomb Ferguson and Junior Wells, Hampton conjures a mixture of Chaka Khan, Gladys Knight, and Whitney Houston. She cascades between R&B styles like a nightingale, silky smooth but possessing incomparable strength of spirit, vocal prowess, and storytelling. “We’ll get through these changing times,” she promises in wispy gusts on the closing number, a cover of Frankie Beverly & Maze’s “Changing Times.”


“The music Joslyn Hampton conjures onstage is rich with the funk, soul, and rock ’n’ roll inspirations of multiple generations, and at the heart of the brassy attack of her band, The Sweet Compression, and in the clear and confident command of her singing, sits a core element: Groove.” – Lexington Herald


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