Alexa Rodrian’s clever poetry and expressive vocal stylings are backed by guitarist Fischer (renowned for his work with master singer-songwriter Konstantin Wecker) and a successor of „bagbeater“ Marco Bruckdorfer (yet to be announced), who feels no need to rely on traditonal drums and uses anything from a watering can to an old suitcase to lay down the beat.

The live performances by these brilliant and good-humored creative mavericks are hard to resist and even harder to forget.


“Wonderfully idiosynchratic songs somewhere between pop, jazz and folk.”

“Alexa Rodrian’s songs are carried off by her amazingly versatlie voice. The Berlin-based vocalist is an artful storyteller who is not interested in self-centered ramblings, but who is all the more concerned with translating a narrative into original music.”

“Vocal jazz that is unafraid of electronics. (…) Drummer Mario Bruckdorfer a.k.a. ‘bagbeater’ effectively truncates the ivory tower of jazz.”
Thomas Winkler, TAZ

“On her album ‘Mothersday’, Alexa Rodrian invites us into a very private universe that sounds refreshingly catchy despite an array of rather unusual sounds. (…) Here, three musicians have found a common ground for their quirky visions and created something truly incomparable.”
Rolf Thomas, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

“Her songs are feisty and deep because they are inspired by real life. Far from being trivial love ballads, they are the soundtrack for a not-yet shot road movie depicting the anything but boring life of a singer who critically reflects upon her existence.”
Hans von Draminski, Nürnberger Nachrichten

“It only takes a few minutes for the audience to be completely enraptured by Rodrian’s captivating, almost hypnotic presence. (…) A high-quality, highly intense musical experience.”
Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung


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