Apparently the subject of music and reaching for the stars is a generation-spanning leitmotiv and characteristic with the Schieferdecker family, literally and figuratively speaking. Therefore, it is no surprise that Markus Schieferdecker processes and reinterprets his great-grandfather’s music in his very own idiosyncratic way on Asteroid 788. (Incidentally, Johann Christian Schieferdecker was a contemporary of Johann Sebastian Bach and successor to famous Lübeck cantor and church musician Dietrich Buxtehude). „Furthermore, I want to play original pieces which are either connected to my ancestor or revolve around the topic of asteroids and space“, Markus Schieferdecker elaborates.

„Basically, we are a piano trio featuring the great, aspiring American Danny Grisset (Vincent Herring, Thom Harrell, Phil Woods) on keys and Joris Dudli (a member of the Vienna Art Orchestra for several years whose former collaborations include Art Farmer, Joe Zawinul) on drums. Teaming up with a saxophone player, for instance, we play standards or almost-standards like ‘Moon and Sand’, ‘Solar’ (Miles Davis) or ‘The Red Planet’ (John Coltrane).“

Join in on a fascinating and entertaining space adventure somewhere between old-school and contemporary jazz and the tonal cosmos of Baroque sacred music.


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