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Sophie Tassignonvocals, composition
Susanne Folksaxophone, clarinet, vocals, composition
Lothar Ohlmeierbass clarinet
Andreas Waeltidouble bass


On their latest album “Dancing on the Rim” (A JAZZ), AZOLIA, fronted by Berlin-based Belgian vocalist Sophie Tassignon and German-American saxophonist Susanne Folk, brilliantly mixes the different flavors of jazz, chamber music, songwriting and tango nuevo. The result is as multi-faceted and elegant as it is beautiful. The quartet has been collaborating since 2006 and recently changed their name from FOLK TASSIGNON to AZOLIA. With songs ranging from melancholic, fragile and brooding to fiery, impulsive, strident and powerful, their elaborate arrangements for voice, two reed instruments and double bass cover an enormous emotional range whilst always maintaining the perfect balance between intensity and finesse. “I find the varying distribution of roles within the group fascinating!”, Susanne Folk describes the rather egalitarian band hierarchy and adds, “It’s pretty much the same as in real life, where you decide to consciously seek new ways to distribute the roles as opposed to simply submitting yourself to the status quo.”



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