Kickoff in the Rocky Mountains

Susanne Folk and Sophie Tassignon met six years ago during a masterclass in Banff, Canada, where they instantly hit it off. “We were in a cabin high up in the mountains, an ‘Arts Center'”, reminisces Sophie Tassignon”, “and during the workshop Susanne showed me her compositions that she wanted me to sing in the upcoming concert. I immediately heard something in these songs, something delicate, beautiful and spirited, even dreamy. And one day, while Susanne was playing the grand piano and showing me new arrangements, a moose walked by in front of our window. It was as if Mother Nature wanted to celebrate this magical musical moment with us.”


Berlin as the main place of resicence and creativity

Since their initial meeting, Susanne Folk and Sophie Tassignon’s musical chemistry developed into a full-scale collaboration, even overcoming the distance between Brussels and Berlin and a few line-up changes over the years. Sophie Tassignon likes to remember the formative years: “During our tours in Belgium we kept having these wonderful creative moments we had experienced in Banff, and then Susanne and I would just sit at the piano and work on new compositions whenever we had some downtime.” This is how “The Man With the Grin” came into existence, a song that alludes to the cult movie “Fried Green Tomatoes”.

Sometimes wishing on a star does help, even in the 21st century – especially if you improve your own luck a bit. And so it came to pass that Sophie Tassignon finally moved to Berlin, thus taking the band’s creative partnership to the next level and enabling the musicians to become even better attuned to each other. “By now, we have blind faith in each other! I think it’s amazing how incredibly sensitive and aware of each other we have become over time”, Susanne Folk comments on the band’s tight unity that was manifested in Berlin, and adds, “You notice right away when you need to support someone or when you can lean on them.” And because true trust cannot develop without taking a risk, and because you need to be able to truly trust someone in the face of risk, the new album is aptly entitled “Dancing on the Rim”. It’s a sonic universe you will fall in love with!


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