Efrat Alonyvoc, electronics
Childo Thomáselectric bass, electronics


Two musicians living and working thousands of miles away from their countries of origin, searching for their „Home, Away From Home“ – the characteristic sounds and aesthetics of Africa’s and Israel’s rich musical heritage. The artists’ own compositions and interpretations of folk songs pave their way on a fascinating sonic voyage, their leitmotif being the intriguing question:

Can you capture the smells and colours of your home in a song?

Efrat Alony is one of Germany’s most distinguished jazz vocalists. Her daring combination of sophisticated poetry and elements of folk and electronic music, permeated by the free spirit of jazz, has earned her trio Alony high praises for being „one of the most outstanding ensembles among international singer-songwriters.“ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 2010)

Childo Thomás, bassist, vocalist and composer (including works for film and theater), was born in Mozambique in 1963 and has been living in Spain since 1994. Apart from his own project „Mogha Africa“ he is touring the world as a sideman for jazz luminaries such as Grammy Award-winning Cuban pianist Omar Sosa.



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