Isabelle Bodenseh – C, alto and bass flute

Thomas Bauser – Hammond B3

Lorenzo Petrocca – guitar

Lars Binder – drums

In the last five years, a couple of albums by Isabelle Bodenseh (the last being “Essenza” with Lorenzo Petrocca on guitar, GLM EC587-2) have drawn attention to this remarkably gifted German flutist with French roots.

A musician who constantly amazes with her personality and performance, she is gaining long overdue popular recognition. An improvising soloist and skillful composer with a sense of flowing melodic lines, a strong sense of rhythm, a wealth of playing techniques, and an extremely rich tonal palette on a variety of flutes, Isabelle is a complete musician whose combination of classical training, experience in modern and latin jazz, flamenco, and salsa (to name a few), and her curiosity to step beyond, allows her to tell her own stories.

The album Flowing Mind includes five memorable melodies by herself and one by each of the other three musicians of her regularworking band: guitar wizard Lorenzo Petrocca, organ virtuoso Thomas Bauser and the master of brushes and drumsticks, Lars Binder. While the sound of a Hammond trio is reminiscent of the 1950s to 1970s, the combination with the flute, which was relatively rare (Jerome Richardson, Hubert Laws, and Herbie Mann come to mind), remains fresh, unspent, and appealing, especially when approached with so much inventiveness. A constantly swinging, grooving unit by four master musicians challenged by intriguing tunes.

Marcus A. Woelfle (Bavarian Radio)

The 4th album Flowing Mind will be released on Feb 3, 2023 on GLM.

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