A brilliant ensemble that knows its way around every genre: the modern jazz rock band combines folklore elements with hip hop beats while playing with South American-influenced sounds infused with baroque stylings and Balkan-esque grooves. The quartet intertwines these seemingly contrary influences with ease, while the flute keeps it all together with grace and virtuosity. The multi-layered soundscapes melt into an exciting and highly unique musical expression with strong rhythms, quick paces and dazzling progressions. Their new CD Weisse Schatten (released on ACT) proves this most impressively.


The excellent musicians have also proven to a live audience that the critical acclaim was justified as they toured through Peru on their first international tour in 2016. Their live success continued throughout their subsequent performances at African jazz festivals in Cameroun, Madagascar, the Congo, Angola and South Africa.

They take you on a trip through many a genre while remaining firmly rooted in one almost classical foundation: Peruvian frontman Daniel Manrique Smith’s flute playing (…) A pretty impressive powerhouse celebrates its abtly named debut. Jazzthing

(The musicians) employ all the playful innovation, virtuosic finesse and rhythmic flexibility that makes for good acoustic jazz. (…) When the solos steer towards their climax to find their way into perfectly pre-arranged sections, it becomes pure art rock.  Jazzthetik

The music is constantly fuelled by an enormously energetic band. The diverse, freely improvised flute and guitar sounds captivate the listener from the first notes on. Hi-Fi Stars

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