Josephine Davies 6-1


An innovative artist at the forefront of the UK contemporary music scene, Josephine Davies pushes the boundaries of jazz with her sax/bass/drums trio and current main artistic project Satori. A Buddhist word meaning a moment of presence and inner spaciousness away from the clutter of thought, it is a project that combines her seeking of freedom of expression with her interest in Japanese philosophy and lifestyle.

The trio formed in 2016 and recorded a live performance which became half of their debut album on Whirlwind Recordings, featuring the immense talents of two of Britain’s most sought after jazz side-men: drummer Paul Clarvis and bassist Dave Whitford. Having worked extensively with these two musicians on other projects, Josephine intuited the strength of a ‘less is more’ compositional approach. Excluding a chordal instrument, and often also omitting regular form or set harmonic sequences, the writing serves as a loose base for the playfulness and creativity of each player, giving rise to a unique integrated trio sound. In 2018 Satori returned to the studio, again with Dave Whitford and this time with extraordinarily dynamic and versatile drummer James Maddren.

In the Corners of Clouds will be released on 11/09/2018 on Whirlwind Recordings.



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