Rieke Katz

A very exciting young vocal artist, who fully lives up to her latest album’s title That’s me! – the 11 intelligently crafted songs, released in March 2018, welcome you into the congenial singer’s life. One third of the songs are in German, a new developement for the Karsruhe-based vocalist whose debut album was entirely in English, and a very natural one since it is her native tongue. Thus she effortlessly connects pop and jazz, with her light and flexible voice dancing skillfully between relaxed lounge jazz sounds and funk-tinged pop grooves.

The CD was recorded in MonÏca studio in Stockholm under the masterful supervision of Andy Pfeiler, who also happens to be Nils Landgrens Funk Unit‘s musical director. For this recording session, Katz and Pfeifer (who adds some funky guitar to the album) have assembled excellent musicians who have previously gained acclaim as Alcazar. Bassist Tobias Gabrielsson grounds the tunes, colorfully meandering between jazz, R&B, Chanson and Funk, while Jonas Öjvall adds some timeless 70s Fender Rhodes vibes to Rieke’s touchingly emotional melodic language. Meanwhile, Thobias Tagesson keeps it all together with his tight drum grooves. Their rendition of Lady Gaga’s Poker Face displays the flawlessly rehearsed band’s versatility, giving the song a surprising R&B twist and a laid-back atmosphere. Definitely worth a listen!





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