In 2012, Soo met Austrian music producer Peter Guschelbauer at the Jazzahead in Bremen/Germany. He invited Soo and Javier to perform at his jazz festival in Steyr/Austria in March 2013. Having received great critical acclaim at the jazz festival, Soo decided to start working on entirely new compositions which were subsequently recorded in Peter Guschelbauer’s Sounddesign Studio in Hagenberg/Austria.The new CD entitled Ballerina was presented at the STIWA Jazz Forum in Hagenberg/Austria in April 2014.



“Soo and Javier are two completely different musicians, but together they produce sparks of pure beauty. (…) Everyone who worked on the album Ballerina should be congratulated for this beautiful production which is of a high standard.”
Musiczoon, Italy

“The sound of the South Korean pianist and composer feels like the heat of the lava from the Etna”
Globus Magazine, Italy

“The applause for Soo Cho’s exciting music was long and warm…”
WAZ, Germany

“She succeeded in creating a cool, clear, melodic and beautifully integrated set of 11 pieces…”
The Guardian, UK

“Cho’s piano playing is leaning on a controlled, beautiful technique and is crystal clear and warm at the same time…”
 Volkskrant, Netherlands



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